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Bosnia is a 4-million nation and the oldest European nation-state. The wisdom of its people helped it survive 18 empires in 1000 years. Of 6 republics of fmr. Yugoslavia (30 million), all 3 Nobelists came from - Bosnia.

On 25 April 2006, and 1000 years since its inception, Bosnia was scheduled to D I E !

The Parliament of Bosnia has been under tremendous pressure by Condoleeza Rice for the past half a year, culminating with the vote on the "new" Constitution, scheduled for April 25. According to these changes (pushed for by UK/US administrations) the Serb-occupied part of Bosnia (so-called "Republika Srpska - RS") as the world's first genocide-created and last apartheid statelet recognized only by the current "Constitution" (a never ratified Annex 4 of the never translated Dayton peace agreement of 1995), would gain sovranty with right to separate from Bosnia. This would mean that "RS" could not be abolished any more, not even automatically after The International Court in Hague passes the expected genocide-verdict in the Bosnia v. Serbia-Montenegro trial that ends May 9. If by that date, the Annex 4 of the Dayton international contract – the so called "Constitution" – remains temporary (as opposed to being ratified in the Parliament), the so-called "Republika Srpska" could be abolished automatically following the genocide verdict expected by the end of 2006.  So, why is the US in such a hurry, that after 14 years of a trial, they can not wait for it to end even though the Court itself announced this would be in a few months from now? According to a renowned Professor of International law Francis Boyle who in 1992 filed the still ongoing (delayed under pressures) lawsuit, the US pledged to exchanging "Republika Srpska" for Kosovo where US has long-term strategic interests e.g. Bondsteel military base; see "The Third American Empire" by right-wing columnists Heilbrunn & Lind, New York Times of 02/01/1996 in which authors state that the "American Empire becomes or fails in Bosnia". As to Bosnia's most unfortunate geostrategic position anywhere on Earth, a modern-day local adage goes: "Bosnia is like an old granny left alone without her glasses or medication in the middle of a busiest cross-street of a megapolis on a Friday at 3 pm".  No wonder an entire World War started precisely in - Sarajevo!


What do "pyramids" (Visočica is a Roman-fortified and somewhat paved hill) have to do with all this?

The Chairman of the Dayton peace agreement (on his Web site he calls it the project) that was planned to be ratified on 25th, is Bruce Hitchner a Tufts history lecturer in Boston, USA. Hitchner specializes in archaeology of Roman Empire and has written extensively on Roman legionnaires' fortifications. He is a geostrategist who is helping the US recreate (anew) Roman Empire, and is in possession of drawings of all Roman fortresses in Bosnia where the border between the East and West Roman Empires used to run - hence some two dozen pyramid-like shaped hills are well-fortified fmr. observation posts along the West's 1st line of defence: Neum (at the coast) - Brčko (at the North). This is how a vandal Osmanagich was able to pinpoint the stone blocks on Visočica slopes within 2 days after starting excavations. As an expert in Roman-Hellenic antiquity, Hitchner had come up with a simple yet brilliant idea: use a TROJAN HORSE ("pyramids") tactics to achieve a DEVIDE AND RULE strategy, perfected by Hellenic and Roman generals respectively.

The "pyramids" did not have a symbolic role just in recolonizing Bosnia, but also in the start of a new era (Reagan's New World Order) that will, as Heilbrunn & Lind announce, after two centuries end "The Age of the Diplomatic Mask". The unprecedented, uncritical media coverage of this event is provided primarily by the government-close media such as BBC, CBC, Reuters and Fox, plus CNN (that ran the story every hour on 04/24/06 one day before the vote - never before and never after) and MS-NBC, which at the same time are trying to weaken Catholic Church by pedophilia "cases" dug out by intelligence, as well as to ridicule Catholicism via media scorn while portraying the devastating role of Freemasonry as harmless – via cartoons, video games, etc. The outrageous "pyramids" campaign served also the purpose of diverging the Bosnian and world public's attention to making bogus "world history" instead of focusing on the current critical events (B-H Constitution - April 25; Hague trial closing - May 9; Montenegro independence - referendum May 21; Kosovo independence - negotiations ongoing).

According to the independent scientific polls by IFIMES institute, two thirds of Bosnians are firmly against the imposed Constitution - identical to results of 1991 referendum for independence. After that vote, Serbia, with help of Bosnian serb quislings, tried first to conquer Bosnia only to end up keeping one half of it in 1995 after Washington threatened Sarajevo (which by then controlled 65% of Bosnia and was about to liberate the surrounded Serb-stronghold Banja Luka) to either stop the liberation operations or otherwise face air strikes by the US.  Today, Bosnians have a corrupt puppet-government hated by its people. Therefore, the people have not changed one bit. Instead, non-elected representatives are preparing to commit a GRAND TREASON.  Catholic Church and His Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI himself are strongly against the "Constitution", as well. No domestic or foreign scientist supports the existence of the "pyramids"...

Consequence of the herein unvealed "pyramids" case (and a reason for the US/UK to push hard for legalization of "RS" before verdict in the Hague trial) is that the USA and Great Britain soon would have to face responsibility for the entire Dayton "project" (meaning: more than just a peace accord), such as: (i) their imposing the arms embargo of 1992 to Sarajevo to prevent the attacked Bosnians from self-defending (as a right guaranteed by Article 51 of UN Charter), (ii) causing the fall of Srebrenica and the massacre of 10,000 men and boys, (iii) bringing over thousands of CIA-trained mujahedeen from Afghanistan to commit massacres of Christian population that would portray Bosnians as villains, to finally (after none of the above would throw Bosnians on their knees) (iv) imposing a decade-long suffering of the post-war Bosnia under a most humiliating puppet-regime led by so-called OHR-High Representative (always a Western high-ranked intelligence officer, e.g. Bildt, Petritsch, Ashdown). These political moves included the removal of Professor Boyle from the Bosnian legal team after Bosnia announced in Nov 1993 filing a genocide lawsuit against United Kingdom. Bosnia has soon withdrawn that lawsuit under duress that included stripping Professor Boyle of his Bosnian Citizenship.

The UK/US efforts are followed by the most intensive spying operation in history; see Annex 2/6 of the Report on Srebrenica by the Dutch Parliament in which details of these operations are provided, such as CIA recording 100,000 phone calls at any given time in Bosnia as we speak - after this Report was published, the entire Government of the Netherlands resigned. The only goal of these huge efforts is to split Bosnia and trade (with Russia-backed Serbia) one half of it for Kosovo. In case they do not get what they want, the US is prepared to, using again the CIA-trained mujahedeen and local hardliner-SDA puppet politicians (whose new lawyer "forgot" to demand abolition of genocidal "RS" in the Bosnia v. Serbia-Montenegro trial) not backed by the popular vote, instate an Afghanistan-recipe terror situation - this time in Bosnia.

After finding about and dissaproving the new empire, the first (and last) Catholic US president was eliminated. The approaching global havoc has been met by ridicolous complacency of the weak EU, just like in 1938 when Hitler asked for and got annexation of Czechoslovakia, which he thought of as a test bed for building his empire. (20 April '06)



During 48 hours since the above text was published, this Web site was visited by the following "fine" people (in the order of appearance) (21 April):  Grand Master 1st Order Bruce Hitchner, Boeing Headquarters, Halliburton Headquarters (Dick Cheney; and yes, there IS oil in Northern Bosnia, worth over $350 million a year), military base 'Wright-Patterson' Dayton OH (where the Dayton peace accord was signed), Raytheon Executive Office (State Department's global strategists), U.S. State Department, and a bunch from intelligence communities as well as those using faked IP addresses.

Recent visitors (24 April): The above-listed continued visiting through weekend (Halliburton for hours - on a Sunday).

Recent visitors (01 May): US Department of Defense, Air Force Logistics Command, Lockheed-Martin Corp., Texas & Florida State governments...

Recent visitors (16 May): NATO Headquarters, Northrop Grumman (State Department's global strategists), NASA Headquarters, US Department of Homeland Security, Defense Supply Center, US International Trade Administration, dozens of governments worldwide... (and Halliburton, checking back regularly to see if Dick's promised Bosnian diesel-cookie is still warm.)

Recent visitors (26 May): Microsoft Corp., Nellis Air Force Base, US Environmental Protection Agency, numerous foreign governments, numeorous global financial mega-corporations and banks, various royal courts...

Recent visitors - forces of good (26 May): The International Tribunal - Hague, UN Headquarters - New York, US General Accounting Office (Investigative arm of Congress overseeing the US Government), Turkish-Army General Headquarters, Franciscans University New York, numerous foreign governments, numerous presidents of world leading universities...

Recent visitors (15 June): US Department of Justice, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, other foreign governments.


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"It is a disgrace on the name of Bosnia to allow deluded pseudoarchaeologists to destroy genuine archaeological sites searching for what cannot be found." 

Professor Dr. Garrett Fagan, Ancient History & Archaeology, Penn State, USA


"In most countries of Europe those with wacky theories about "hidden mysteries"... are free to propound them but not to undertake excavation ... let alone excavation by those unqualified in terms of training and experience."

Professor Dr. Anthony Harding, President

European Association of Archaeologists

(The London Times, 25 April 2006)


"This is a shameful scam that must be stopped as soon as possible in the interest of scholarship and Bosnia-Hercegovina."

Danijel Dzino, Research Fellow in Classics, U of Adelaide, Australia


"...I would believe in 'normal' more than the 'extraordinary'!"

Ede Rancz, Biologist, London UK


"...An aliens-built-the-pyramids type of nut literally bulldozing an important archaeological site live on the Internet!"

From an Internet forum post by Pete Clarke


"I support your efforts to have the freedom to shape your own destiny. I am a student of my own country's Constitution and Bill of Rights, and know the founding fathers of my nation would not approve of the interference or involvement in the internal politics of another country as my present leaders of today are doing. Sadly, I as an American represent a small minority of those in my country that even know or care about the principals upon which my once great nation was originally founded."

Mark Roberts, Columbus OH, USA




“Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent...

Its promise is light—its performance is darkness."


"The teachings and practices of Freemasonry

are detrimental, noxious, and unfortunate."


"The Lodges are a bane to society, and are evil."


John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the US and fmr. Secretary of State.

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